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flavors-heading-large.pngThe term “crafted” is thrown around a lot, but it is the mantra at Honey Hill Farms. Bulky flavorings are the key to our frozen yogurts and sorbets—like real fruit purees, indulgent cocoas, vanillas, vanilla beans, coffees, cookies, marshmallow, nuts, and other exotic flavoring ingredients carefully blended into each batch. Honey Hill Farms has developed a flavor strategy that keeps the manufacturing, distribution and inventory costs low, passing the savings on to you.

200+ Flavors

At Honey Hill Farms, we don't produce flavors for the sake of having something new. We strategically choose the flavors we produce to maintain our high standard of quality, create new sales opportunities for you and keep your costs down.

40 Premixed Flavors
We produce 40 delicious premium premixed flavors including standards such as our Tahitian Vanilla, Strawberry Sensations and Dreamy Dark Chocolate to our mouthwatering exotic flavors such as Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel, Candy Bar Smash and Zeusberries. We also produce a line of Greek frozen yogurt, Nonfat/No Sugar Added frozen yogurts and Nonfat Tarts.


37 CustomBlendz Flavors
CustomBlendz is our custom flavoring system that allows you to create your own unique frozen yogurt flavors. With 37 CustomBlendz No Sugar Added flavors, your options are endless. Our CustomBlendz flavors are made to mix with any of our Nonfat Tarts, No Sugar Added Nonfat Tahitian Vanilla or Sugar Creek Plain Base.


The Science of Twist
Most frozen yogurt shops fail to utilize the middle handle of their soft-serve machines, but we've carefully matched and tested combinations using our 40 premium premixed flavors to create an additional 125 flavor profiles simply by using the middle twist handle on your soft-serve machine. We've even given the twists names so you can easily market these incredible combinations to your customers.

We’re Here for You

Honey Hill Farms wants each store operator to succeed. From our superior hand-crafted products to our free consultation and planning program to get your store up and running, we support our store operators every step of the way.

Become a Honey Hill Farms Yogologist

Become a Yogologist

Our Yogologist program provides free, personalized, one-on-one consultation to help you get your store up and running.

Creamery Tour

Creamery Tour

Visit our production facilities and see for yourself how delicious Honey Hill Farms frozen yogurt is made and packaged.

Marketing Programs

Marketing Programs

At Honey Hill Farms we offer an exclusive customer loyalty program designed to keep customers funneling through your doors.

The Super Jug

The Super Jug

We care so much about you and our product, we designed our own labor-saving, no-mess, sustainable packaging system. 

Bud Gunter and Scott VanHorn
Scott and Bud
Owners, Honey Hill Farms

Dear Frozen Dessert Shop Owners, Restauranteurs, Cafeteria Managers:

We would like to invite serious future and present frozen dessert shop owners, restauranteurs, cafeteria managers and anyone else that serves or would like to serve frozen desserts, to come and visit us at our plant. We would be happy to show you what we do, give you a sample, and let you meet all the good folks that work so hard to make the best frozen dessert mixes. Let us visit with you about your plans. Unlike others, no fees or contracts are necessary to come see us. We’re just happy to have you take an interest in our plant and products. We look forward to meeting you!

To get started, fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you.