New Flavors

At Honey Hill Farms, we are on the cutting edge of frozen yogurt development because we know that new and exciting flavors are part of the key to success in the self-serve frozen yogurt shop business. We're proud to add these incredible new flavors to our lineup.

Cherry Amaretto

Taste one of the culinary world’s classic combinations with this delightfully light flavor. Our Nonfat Cherry Amaretto frozen yogurt is smooth and creamy with a luscious swirl of cherry amaretto. An instant classic!

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Island Coconut

Drift off to a tropical island and feel the sun on your face. Our light and creamy Nonfat Island Coconut is a break from the everyday. The beach is calling!

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Mint Chocolate Chip

Creamy mint green and specked with chocolate chip pieces, this traditional favorite will move to the top of your list! Our Mint Chocolate Chip combines smooth mint with chocolate mint droplets for frosty indulgence. Go Green!

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Southern Butter Pecan

You’ll go nuts for this Southern classic! Southern Butter Pecan is our Nonfat take on this nostalgic flavor, swirling a creamy, buttery background with the flavors of roasted pecans. Slightly salty and completely delicious!

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